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The Kelowna Right to Life Society is pleased to announce we have met our goal of raising $7,000 for a wireless fetal monitor for KGH!

We partnered with the KGH Foundation to raise the funds for the purchase of a new wireless fetal monitor for the perinatal unit at the Kelowna General Hospital.

Fetal monitors are necessary to detect any issues with the baby during labour. Doctors can monitor contractions and the baby's heart rate throughout the delivery process. Such monitoring is necessary to ensure the doctor's awareness of any problems or complications before they become serious.

Studies show there are multiple benefits to being monitored with a wireless monitor opposed to the traditional machines of the past. First, women with the ability to shift around without the restriction of cables lying over them report feeling less pain during delivery. Additionally, many studies suggest that when you walk around and stay as active as possible at the beginning of your active labor, your labor will be shorter and less risky. Therefore, being monitored with a wireless machine makes for a more successful birth.

A huge THANK YOU! to everyone who donated to the campaign, including St. Charles Garnier Parish who donated 50% of the cost of the monitor!

Pro Life Kelowna

Click here for more information about the perinatal unit at Kelowna General Hospital.